GE and HSBC Class Actions
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ACA Lawyers is an innovative law firm providing commercial law, commercial litigation and commercial class action services. Our team comprises highly experienced lawyers who have worked for some of Australia’s leading law firms. We take a proactive, collaborative approach  to the delivery of exceptional legal services, never forgetting whose interests drive us – those of our clients.

We are committed to value based pricing. We know that the traditional billable hour model, while appropriate in limited types of matters, often fails to deliver a real measure of value or certainty about what is being delivered for the client. In this respect we offer:

  • risk sharing fee arrangements;
  • retainer arrangements;
  • fixed fees; and
  • unit or event pricing.

In addition, ACA Lawyers’ flexible consultancy-based business model allows us to add to or reduce the size of our team to meet your needs.

We will ensure that you will always be clear about the scope of services we are providing to you and what it will cost you. We will scope all matters and develop a strategy with you at the outset, meaning that we only do what is necessary to achieve your outcomes. In addition we engage only those resources appropriate to the complexity of a matter so you will not be paying for us to train our junior lawyers.

You can have confidence that ACA Lawyers will deliver the outcomes you seek in a collaborative manner.